Take the cash-flow stress out of your business with a Merchant Cash Advance!

A Cash-Advance facility that can be used to improve your business cash-flow can be used for any purpose such as purchase stock, goods and services or consolidate other business related debts.


Based on your credit assessment, you could qualify for a working limit from $5,000 to $150,000.


SynergyOne Credit provides an alternative easy innovative funding solution for your business.


A SynergyOne Credit is not your typical Bank loan. In fact, it’s technically not a loan at all and is unsecured.


It provides a merchant with cash advances with significant advantages when compared to traditional lenders. It comes with a unique repayment structure that truly sets it apart from traditional lending.


SynergyOne Credit offers small businesses flexibility they’ll rarely find in a bank loan.


Get anywhere from $5,000 to $150,000 unsecured with no associated risk to your assets. It’s a credit facility that adapts to your business performance.



SynergyOne Credit


A non-bank Merchant Cash-Advance to fund your business growth or pay out other business related debts. This is a short-term facility usually 6 months with option to renew.



Fast Set Up!


Apply On-line, attach requested documentation and you could have your funds within 14 days!

To start simply click on Apply On-line button below.



Credit Card Sales


The facility is based on your monthly credit card/EFTPOS sales with your merchant facility. Usually no tax returns required. Funding is made against your future Credit Card

and EFTPOS sales.



How does it work?

SynergyOne Merchant Cash Advance provides an alternative easy innovative funding solution for your business as it is not your typical Bank loan.


In fact, it’s technically not a loan at all and is unsecured. No need to encumber your personal assets. In the majority of cases no personal or business tax returns or BAS statements are required.


A Merchant Cash Advance is based on the strength and consistency of your business and your average monthly sales credit card and eftpos sales receipts.



Applying for a Merchant Cash Advance (MCA)

Applying for a Bank loan is an intimidating process, especially for a small business owner.


With the Banks hesitant to take on any adverse risk, they have restricted credit policies and made the application process more complex than ever.


The Merchant Cash Advance is a welcome break from the traditional credit system. In an effort to make working capital more accessible, we have completely streamlined our application procedure.



                 It starts with an Apply-online for a preliminary capacity assessment



                 Our process is simple - we don’t require tax records, financials or business



                 Our evaluations go beyond your personal credit history to review the overall

                 strength of your business. As a result, 95% of qualified merchants are approved.


                 Merchants can be approved in 24 hours and funded the full amount just 14

                 business days after approval.


Traditional lending channels can take weeks or even months to navigate and after all that hassle, an approval is still far from guaranteed. SynergyOne Credit comes with no-obligation, with a simple application process that lets you, as a busy owner, get the funding you need quickly.

Criteria for Qualifying for a Merchant Cash Advance (MCA)

Qualifying for a Merchant Cash Advance

                 Do you process at least $10,000 a month in credit card/EFTPOS sales with your merchant facility?



                 Have you been in business and trading at the same premises for at least 12 months?



                 Do you settle your EFTPOS takings at least 10 times per month?



       If you answered yes to all three questions, you have a high chance of qualifying for a MCA funding facility.


Can I still qualify if I have bad credit?

Many Banks expect a nearly flawless credit history from borrowers. This is one of the biggest obstacles for business owners to overcome.


A Merchant Cash Advance does not have a strict credit requirement. Our underwriting process relies on a more comprehensive review of your business, and as a direct result, we have a higher approval rate and often fund businesses that cannot qualify for traditional bank loans.


NB. Current bankruptcies or foreclosures will not be considered under policy.



If I don’t qualify, are there other financing options available?

There are options. In addition to the Merchant Cash Advance, we offer a business loan designed for businesses that don’t regularly process Credit Card/EFTPOS payments.

What is a Business Loan?

The Business Loan is designed to give business owners an alternative to traditional financing. Unlike our Merchant Cash Advance, the loan program does not require credit card processing, opening up accessibility to a wide-range of business types.


What makes the Business Loan unique is that repayments are collected daily directly from the business account rather than the usual large weekly or monthly repayment imposed by other financiers.


The Business Loan is designed to fund a wide-range of industries. Businesses with these general traits work particularly well with our offering:



                 Minimum turnover of at least $10,000 per month deposited through a trading account



                 Regular deposits (eg. daily or same day each week)



                 Operating for a minimum of 12 months



                 A stable average daily balance



                 A minimum number of negative balances and dishonours on the account



                 Process a high percentage of cheque and Direct Credit payments

Each loan product can be tailored to a specific business’ needs.


Below are just some of the qualifying industries

Retail  * Restaurants/ cafes   * Nightclubs/Bars  *   Clothing Stores/ Fashion Stores  *  Franchises * Day Spas/ Beauty Spas/ HBA businesses * Hair & Nail Salons/ Barber Shops * Liquor Stores * Hotels/Motels  * Butchers  *  Music Stores  *  Shoes/Accessories  *  Gift/Stationary Shops/ Seasonal * Coffee Shops  * Eye Glass Stores * Luggage Stores  *  Sporting Goods Stores  * Florists  *  Gourmet/Specialty Food Store

Do you think that you would benefit from a MCA funding facility? Then please, apply-online to get started for a non-obligation pre-approval. Click on the Apply On-line button below.


We will then provide you with the payment terms and conditions of the facility with your expressed obligations under the agreement.

According to the Grant Thornton International Business Report (IBR), pressure on cash flow was found to be the biggest concern to Australian business in the last twelve months.

We also provide standard consumer loans and business loans where full tax returns and business financials are required.

"Highly recommended for short term lending on unsecured basis"

                                      - Retailer

"We expanded our operations with unsecured funding. Costs are tax deductible"

                                - Accountant

"Great product and service. Helped our cash-flow position tremendously"

                               - Hairdresser

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