Is your Business Swimming or Sinking?

The digital revolution is transforming the marketplace. Empowered customers can see-and say-more about your business than ever before.

Swamped by Change


Just as X-rays transformed medicine by letting doctors see through human tissue, so the new information and communication technologies are revolutionising business by letting customers and citizens peer through corporate walls.


As a result, the relationship between people  and the institutions that serve them is changing dramatically.

Consumers’ expectations are rising. They want better products and services, more choice and more value. And they expect organisations to act in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.


Business customers are also buying more carefully, haggling harder over prices, demanding greater customisation and looking for opportunities to pass risk back to their suppliers.


Meanwhile, globalisation has given customers everywhere many more options. With the advent of social media, anyone can become a publisher, broadcaster and critic.


For example, Facebook now has more than 750 million active users and the average user posts 90 pieces of content a month. Twitter’s registered users send about 140 million tweets a day. And YouTube’s 490 million users upload more video content in a 60-day period than the three major U.S. television networks created in 60 years.


In short, customers can see - and say - more about the organisations they deal with than at any time in history. If an organisation stumbles, there’s nowhere left to hide.

The Digital Ocean


At the same time, the digital revolution is providing unprecedented opportunities to engage with customers.


But any business that wants to realise the potential of new information and communication technologies  faces a daunting task. It must, first, intercept and interpret vast quantities of data to find the meaningful parts.


The volume and variety of data are increasing with ferocious velocity.


We now create as much information every two days as we did from the dawn of civilisation. Navigating through this digital ocean to get a clear picture of customers is very difficult indeed.


Businesses, therefore, have to do more than ever before.



They have to manage more data, understand and engage with more demanding customers and ensure their employees consistently exemplify the organisation's values.


They have to use tools and technologies their children often understand better than they do. And they have an average tenure of just three to four years in which to make their mark.



‘The empowerment of the consumer is generating more complexity. The mental model is changing.

We are facing a major social transformation.’

The empowered consumer is driving a major social transformation.


 Are you prepared to sustain the growing demands on your business?


How do the following factors impact on your ability to survive the information deluge?


The main concern for businesses today is how they will manage the impact of 5 key market factors.



The Biggest Headaches for Businesses



The five most prominent challenges for companies are the data explosion, social media, proliferation of channels and devices and shifting consumer demographics and financial constraints.



















Have you considered the impact on your business imposed by any of the above market factors?


Data explosion

Social Media

 Financial constraints

Shifting consumer demographics

 Growth of channel and device choices

How can we help your business?

"We can initiate and maintain a digital footprint for your business to increase your brand recognition"


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"We can implement promotional strategies encompassing SMS, MMS QR codes, Apps and Web Hosting"


Drive emotion through video

Engage consumers with multimedia

"there is a way out of every dark mist, over a Rainbow trail." Robert Motherwell

Rainbow Digital Media won’t solve all of your business challenges but we can go some way toward solving some of your digital marketing distribution to maximise your return on investment and keep your brand thriving and your customers engaged.

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