What’s a Landing Page?

A landing page is a web page sometimes also known as a "lead capture page" which serves as the entry point for a website or a particular section of a website.


Landing pages are also optimised and viewed on any mobile devise.


These can display text, images, dynamic compilations of relevant links, or other elements.


Landing pages like websites need to be hosted on a server and accessed on the internet irrespective of the device you use to interact with or view them.


A landing page is a web page(s) that appears in response to clicking on an email link, an online advertisement or an SMS or even an MMS.


The main purpose of a landing page is to persuade a visitor to take action by completing a transaction.


This is accomplished by providing a number of fields that are embedded in a form that requires to be completed such as name, email address and mobile number.



How does it work?


Visitors will complete the form only if the information is relevant or of value to them.


The visitor contact details are captured on a system database where the information will be available to you for future marketing campaigns and promotions.


The aim is to convert the visitor into a loyal customer. This is where digital marketing features come into play.  Landing pages form part of a marketing campaign in order to enhance the effectiveness of your promotions or sales.


The visitor activity on landing pages can be analysed to show trends and visitor engagement with your promotion or campaign. The metrics generally reveal the success of an advertisement or promotional campaign.


Responsive Landing Pages

To drive customers to your business

The basic aim of a landing page (or a Data Capture Form) is to attract visitors by using a data capture strategy by sending weekly relevant offer messages on a range of digital based communications such as SMS, MMS and QR codes with straight through-push link to your landing pages that will ultimately convert into qualified leads or customers walking through your store.


Consistently using a systematic approach to driving targeted traffic with powerful calls-to-action landing pages will lead to increased cash flow for your business.


Remember that the impact of your landing pages can be analysed using real-time data reporting to improve your return on your advertising dollar.



Consistent branding with a Landing Page that matches your website and logo



The Purpose of a Landing Page is to turn more visitors into customers

Making sure that your audience is able to view your offer on your landing pages from any mobile devise that are compatible with major browsers is of critical importance.




Our landing pages work perfectly in major types of

browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE7+ and Opera




Landing pages are also supported by Youtube and Vimeo platforms. Your customers will be able to view videos from any video sharing services on any mobile device or desk-top.


Rainbow Media can build and host and manage every component of your consumer campaign landing pages as we can validate your captured data and offer real-time reporting.

How can visitors access your

landing pages?

There are two main types of landing pages: those within your website as static pages and those outside of your website as interactive pages.


Pages that are part of your website are typically meant for browsing and discovery while those that are outside of your website are promotion specific and designed to capture contact information from your visitors.


Your website has the responsibility of appealing to anyone who might be interested in your products or services.


Think of your web site as a “general” overview of your business.  However, obtaining potential leads and sales will depend on your Landing Pages where visitors clicked something specific to arrive at your page.


It’s important to use a dedicated landing page that is not part of your website.


Landing pages designed outside the structure of your website can be specifically designed for a promotion or sales drive where the visitor is interested in your offer and will be receptive in providing their contact details to receive further information. At this stage you have an engaged visitor to turn into a buying customer.




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There are multiple ways for users to access your landing page from social media platforms to SMS, QR Codes, email, MMS and Mobile Apps.

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