Driving meaningful traffic to your business is not just knowing how to reach your customers but more importantly, how they will reach you.

SynergyOne is a dual media console cloud based system that provides you with marketing distribution options that integrates popular channels of communication such as SMS and MMS, Web and email Hosting with managed Digital Publishing to empower your marketing campaigns to truly engage with your target customer audience.


Using a Multi Communication Channel platform increases your ability to get your message across to your audience resulting in higher consumer traffic flow into your place of business or increased demand for your services.


It is quite simple… the more you communicate with engaged (consumers that want and expect to receive communication from you) consumers the higher the chances of you selling your goods and services to those consumers.



How can I Join the SynergyOne platform?

The platform is a Dual-Media Console

1. Digital Marketing Media Console



The Digital Marketing Media console provides access to services for using SMS, MMS, Digital Publishing and other services as outlined in the products section of this website.


Your online Preliminary Validation Registration (verifying your ABN number etc…) is required which we usually provide

a 24 to 48 hour delayed approval process as this part of the console is only for businesses and non-profit organisations.


Once the validation process is complete we will send you an email to further complete your final registration process where you can access the console and start using our marketing gateway.


Once registered, you may also access our convenient Campaign Management Service as a managed subscription and direct us to undertake your on-going marketing campaigns or as a one-off (one project) campaign service.


Please complete your online preliminary registration form.



2. Web Hosting and Domain Names Media Console



You can register straight-through in real-time. To join the platform you must register a domain name or subscribe to a web or email hosting plan and proceed through to check-out on the shopping cart (if you are a new customer then you will be prompted to register for a new account).


Once you activate your account or you are an existing subscriber you can simply sign into the web hosting console which is an industry standard, off-the-shelf product used all over the web.


The easy-to-use online interface is accessible from wherever you are, allowing you to easily install applications, manage domains and check website statistics and SSL security with email features – Webmail, Anti-spam, Anti-virus and Catchall Email Address functionality. Both individuals and businesses can join this console.


View to register.


With our Cloud products, your website will be hosted on our clustered, load-balanced servers in the Cloud. Your website service will be more reliable, robust and scalable, which means it will be up more of the time.

Billing for Services and Subscriptions

Subscriptions and services are billed directly through two payment gateways to add further security to your credit card account details as we do not hold or store such details for the purpose of minimising fraudulent risk activity.





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