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Rainbow Digital Media is backed by Australia's largest digital marketing platform and leader for trusted and reliable Enterprise SMS Communications that has direct carrier connections with all Australian telcos...so you’re in good hands. We provide cost effective, business critical, mobile messaging solutions across all industries and sectors.


Within the SMS platform we also incorporate the Multimedia Messaging. The application of MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) has strong benefits for businesses wanting to generate an additional revenue stream by offering content beyond standard SMS text. For example, logos, audio clips, photos, presentation information etc. MMS can send content up to 300kb per message providing businesses with opportunities to further promote their products, promotions and branding in a more novel and dynamic way.


Rainbow's MMS gateway enables users to send multimedia content such as photos, logos, images or videos to customers via MMS

Grow Your Revenue

We can enable your business to take advantage of the power of SMS to help decrease costs, improve your customer experience, and grow your overall revenue.


SMS is a simple, cost effective way of ensuring your message is heard by your audience. Whether employees, customers or the general public, SMS gives you the power to quickly communicate with and obtain feedback from people, wherever they are. Because it is plain text, SMS is simple for systems to integrate with as well.


Consumers are increasingly mobile, spending less time at their computers; they expect content to be delivered to them, when and where they want it. Mobile messaging traffic will reach 28.2 trillion annually by 2017, nearly double the 14.7 trillion messages sent in 2012.


SMS traffic will remain the largest type of messaging traffic as mobile subscribers continue to embrace its ubiquity, reach and reliability.


Web SMS can be used for the following

SMS Marketing

SMS get Subscribers

SMS Campaigns and Promotions

SMS for Data Capture

SMS Appointment Reminder

SMS Bill Reminder

SMS Order Tracker

and more...

SMS Roster

SMS Customer Notifications

Statistical representation of SMS marketing penetration

The power of SMS compared to other online mediums.

Click Through Rate


SMS at 14%

Email at 7%

Internet 1%



Open Rates


SMS at 98%

Email at 22%

Under 1%



Conversion Rate


SMS at 8%

Email at 2%

Internet at 1%






SMS for Engagement


Send relevant and targeted sales messages to connect and captivate your audience with your promotions.

SMS for Reliability


The majority of SMS messages are read within 30 seconds of receipt providing a very efficient delivery mode.

SMS for Results


Low cost, high return, high impacting marketing sales solutions for your business

Use web SMS with links to engaging video

Videos can be accessed by embedding links in QR codes sent by

web SMS directly to your customers for total engagement

Rainbow Digital Media develops high-end mobile campaigns including landing pages and business apps for your business.




Through various mobile products and solutions, we enable business brands to reach their audience in the most efficient way on the device that’s always on! Empower your customers to interact with you through SMS, MMS and QR codes via a single platform, delivering high conversion rates and great insights in consumer interaction.


We can devise mobile loyalty programs or mobile marketing in general, considering all the above information, what could this all mean for your business?













Lift customer engagement and increase customer loyalty through tailored communications and targeted activities


Optimise marketing and campaign effectiveness



Reduce high wastage associated with mass communications



For Retail organisations drive revenue growth through more visitation, greater loyalty, less discounting, product cross-sell and up-sell opportunities and potentially improved store layout


Implement best practices

You can access mobile messaging with carrier connections compatible with all Australian telcos such as:

We offer monthly subscription plans depending on your business needs and objectives.


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