"there is a way out of every dark mist, over a Rainbow trail." Robert Motherwell

What we do?


Rainbow Digital Media is a Digital Application Performance Marketing Agency.


We bring a synthesis of technology, ingenuity and creativity to every on-line marketing strategy we generate.


Rainbow Digital Media can produce a digital publication solution for your business needs.


Rainbow Digital Media provides you with the latest cloud based Multi Digital Cross Marketing Channel solutions through the SynergyOne® centralised software platform to improve customer engagement, retention, communication and profitability.


Our advanced Multi Digital Cross Marketing Channels include SMS, MMS, QR codes with landing page hosting and Digital on-line Publications with Domain Name registration and Web Hosting solutions for your business needs.


We can provide you with campaign reporting and analysis for no additional costs.  All the Rainbow Digital Media publications are in HTML5 format and can support rich media with interactive features such as video, animations and social media integration.


We can also provide specialised research applications such as customer satisfaction surveys. We can discuss, review and implement your specific digital design and on-line requirements.


The Internet is a very dynamic marketplace and Rainbow Digital Media is on the forefront of these changes. We are always adapting to this constantly evolving technology, so we can deliver cutting-edge advertising and distribution solutions to better serve our clients’ needs.


Creativity and Design


One of the biggest challenges that small businesses face is how little time they have to commit to marketing and staying in touch with their customers and their marketing contacts lists.


Rainbow Digital Media supports small business and service providers to manage their marketing and improve their return on investment by using latest technology trends such as multi-channel digital media sources so small business owners can dedicate their time to grow their business.


New marketing concepts and technologies are emerging, it is predicted that within the next few years the majority of publications will now be provided on-line and todays more common print media will eventually become obsolete.


Digital communication solutions are cost effective and penetrate desired demographic groups and we have the ability to monitor, measure and analyse the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and total advertising strategies.


The digital publications are received directly into your subscribers email inbox and viewed on-line.

We can host your digital media publications and we can also devise your direct email marketing delivery strategy.


Digital publications are growing in popularity and are reaching a wider audience. We provide advertisers with the opportunity to direct market to more individuals and businesses that may be interested in their products and services.


All the Rainbow Digital Media publications are designed for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, we also host publications on-line on our servers so you don’t need to employ IT professionals or store them on your server.


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